I am in Love with MeraPad. During my visit to India for Internship with AIESEC, I worked with this project and learnt about impact on enviornment because of Disposal Pads and tampons and switched to MeraPad. They have saved me money, reduced the amount of pads going into landfill, and contribute to vital education for women and girls about menstrual hygiene. I would never use anything else - they are easy, discreet and empower women in communities who may have been told their period is a shameful thing. ​
Special Education Teacher - Germany
As a Part of Driving Change, We under our Brand Mayori Conscious Clothing Pvt Ltd has supported MeraPad in Prototype of their project and the results have come up fruitfully. A product that is Human Friendly, Budget Friendly, Enviornment Friendly and Providing Sustainable Livelihood to women helping them become economically independent. It's a Proud Association.
Vrinda Agarwal
Director - Mayori Conscious Clothing Pvt Ltd
Amazing concept to support,We as a Responsible corporate realized the need to save our planet from increase in Plastic waste due to disposal Pads & contributing to support Women to address Period Poverty and Climate Change
Amol Sapra
DGM, HR- Hansol Logistics India Pvt Ltd
I decided to switch from disposables to cloth pads after due to urine infection, I took a lot of treatment but it did not work, I was told by doctor I m allergic to Disposal Pads, When I was looking for a alternative solution, I found MeraPad and today I recommend everyone to change to Basic as I feel cloth to be the safest for every women
Vrinda Kansal
I Love Merapad and am happy to switch to resuable pads, as I had itchig problem and during my visit to India, I came to know about it. My Problem has resolved. Merapad are soft and comfortable to use.​
Traveller - China