MeraPad - Reusable Cloth Pads made of Bamboo Charcoal & Menstrual Cups

CarversIndia Trades LLP A social enterprise based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Our goal is to create environmental and social change through coming up with Innovative Products made by Marginalized women which are environment Friendly.
MeraPad Washable Cloth Pads Made of Bamboo Charcoal – We produce and sell innovative washable cloth pads made of bamboo charcoal (certified by PETA VEGAN and passed anti-bacterial testing by TUV Rhineland), which is Human Friendly, Environment Friendly, Budget Friendly and Provides Sustainable Livelihood to Women involved in Making and Selling of Pads.
We Focus to Work on 4 E’s :
Education: We develop educational resources and facilitate educational programs that foster a responsible, healthy and dignified life among people by creating awareness to switch to environment Friendly & Handcrafted Products,
Employment We assist marginalized Indian girls and women in self-help groups to earn by stitching reusable washable menstrual pads & Handcrafted Products made of Industrial Waste, which are ethically traded, These women are employed and become economically independent
Empowerment: Vulnerable women with Accessability and affordability challenges are supported with free dignity kits and girls facing financial and social problems are supported with scholarship to help them continue with their studies.
Environment: We produce and promote reusable cloth pads & products through Industrial Waste that helps to save our environment from sanitary plastic Waste & Landfills that takes 500-800 Years to decompose

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